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Renters Insurance

If you live in apartments or rent a home, you will need a policy that is designed especially for tenants; a renters policy. Typical policies cover your possessions for common causes of loss, additional living expenses related to making other living arrangements, medical expenses for treating people injured on your premises and, of course, lawsuits. A renters policy will also protect your investment in improvements to a living space (such as custom-made, built-in shelves).

Things to consider when purchasing a renter’s policy.

  • A basic renters policy provides coverage for property on an actual cash value basis (a depreciated value) which may not allow enough money to allow you to recover from a loss. Consider upgrading the policy to include replacement cost coverage.
  • While your personal property is covered for normal perils, the renters policy strictly limits coverage for some specific types of valuable property like jewelry, silverware, or guns. If you have this type of personal property, you should consider endorsing the policy to obtain adequate coverage.


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  • When it comes to insurance, renting can be just as risky as owning a home.

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    This is similar to a home warranty, but is included as part of your homeowners coverage. It usually costs less than $5 per month.
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