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Homeowners Insurance

Your home is a precious and valuable asset. Make sure that you have a homeowners policy that will protect this asset and your overall financial well-being when an unexpected event occurs. The basic homeowners insurance policy provides coverage for losses to your property (the home and your personal property) and coverage for liability claims made against you.

Below are a few things to consider before purchasing your homeowners insurance policy.

What would it cost to rebuild my home?

  • Understand that the market value of your home (what you could sell it for) and the cost to rebuild it might be distinctly different amounts. It’s important to have a good estimate of your home’s replacement cost since that’s what you need to insure it for. Make sure that your insurance company conducts a thorough appraisal and also look for guaranteed replacement cost coverage to ensure that your home is adequately covered.

Am I taking advantage of all the potential credits that might lower my premium?

  • There are many credits that can be applied to lower your premium. It’s not unusual to see credits for good payment experience, for good claims history, for use of fire and burglar alarms, and for having several policies with the same company. Do you qualify for these credits?

Do I have any valuable items or collections?

  • While your personal property is covered for most perils. Coverage for certain types of property is significantly limited. That big diamond ring that your wife wears? The basic policy only provides $1500 in coverage if it’s stolen and no coverage if it’s lost. While the basic policy can be endorsed to provide coverage for these valuable items, many insurance agents fail to ask if there is a need.

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