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If you live in a condo or coop, you depend on two insurance policies for protection: your own insurance policy and the policy purchased by the condominium or co-op board for the common areas of the property that you share with the other owners, like the roof, elevator, boiler and sidewalks. The condo or co-op association may be responsible only for insuring a unit up to its bare walls, floor and ceiling while you, as the owner, may need to insure kitchen cabinets, built-in-appliances, plumbing, wiring, bathroom fixtures and so on.

How do you know what is and what isn’t your responsibility? Read the association’s bylaws and/or proprietary lease to understand where their responsibility ends and yours begins or just call us at 704-926-2500 or submit your information below and we’ll contact you as soon as possible. We’ll review your bylaws and ensure that you obtain the appropriate amount of coverage.